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GIC seeks to bring new hope to all people with the one message that grants it eternally: the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Simply put, our desire is to raise up believers of Jesus Christ, deepening their faith by His Word, and equipping them to take the saving message of the Gospel to the lost. We are a multicultural fellowship in Tucson, Arizona, with believers from all over the world, unified in our faith in Christ and rooted in the truth of His Word.  Together we meet at the feet of Christ seeking to grow in truth, be filled with the Spirit of God, and honor and glorify Him in the love we show to each other and the lost.



Please join us as we worship together and celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ!

Sunday: 10:30 am



Let us know you’re out there! Contact Goshen International Church and Community Center today.

1520 S Melpomene Way
Tucson, AZ 85748

520-312-2989 (Bigimba), 520-906-8619 (Kyle)


Learn more about Goshen Ministries International

Goshen Ministries is a non-profit organization founded by Pastor Bigimba. In 2004, Bigimba Ngabo having fled from Congo war, found himself in Burundi. There he witnessed 200 lives taken in 2 hours and felt the calling to provide hope. Goshen Ministries began with one man responding to God's call to rescue children orphaned by genocide and AIDs. Learn more about this ministry here>



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520-312-2989 (Bigimba), 520-906-8619 (Kyle)

1520 S Melpomene Way
Tucson, AZ 85748

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